Thirteen Rollovers For SuperEnalotto

Thirteen Rollovers For SuperEnalotto

The SuperEnalotto jackpot has proved to be elusive for the past thirteen draws as no player has been able to correctly match six numbers and scoop that top prize. However, now that the “unlucky 13th” draw has passed players by, could there be a turnaround in fortunes for players seeking that big prize? With a jackpot of €24 million currently on offer, undoubtedly players will be hoping so!

This week also sees the end of the special anniversary game, the SuperVincitore. During its short term residence at the SuperEnalotto, it has paid out an astounding €12 million to 24 players all around Italy. The luckiest region has been Lombardy, located in the North of Italy and home to the fashionable city of Milan and the famous Lake Como - and seven €500,000 winners of the SuperVincitore. The regions of Lazio and Puglia were home to four winners each, followed by Emilia-Romagna, which saw three winners.

The luckiest cities during these two months were without a doubt Rome and Bergamo, both with three SuperVincitore winners. Indeed, it is rather fitting that the capital city was home to the final winner of €500,000 on Tuesday 16th April 2013 and we congratulate every player who succeeded in winning a prize on the SuperVincitore.

All this means that player attention is now firmly focused on the jackpot, which is starting to get interesting now it has rolled over thirteen times. Good luck to anyone playing for tonight’s jackpot – let’s hope luck is on your side!

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